Narromine Christian School has three houses, Nharrang, Girawu and Bandhaa. Each child is allocated a

house when they enroll. The house system provides a forum for participation for all students in the areas of

sport, public speaking, music, choir, drama, team activities and academic challenges. Each house has

members from Pre-Kindergarten to Year 6 and has a Head of House (Teacher) and House Captain (Year 6

student). The focus of the house activities is to build team work, cooperation, participation and self esteem.

  • Nharrang is a Wiradjuri word for Lizard, house colour blue.

  • Girawu is a Wiradjuri word for Goanna, house colour green.

  • Bandhaa is a Wiradjuri word for Kangaroo, house colour red.

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